Manage content creation. Understand performance through data-driven insights. Measure creativity and craft better content.

Manage Content Creation Tool

Manage Content Creation from Start to Finish

Cabana is the all in one tool for assigning, writing, editing, publishing and measuring content. Our end-to-end content creation tool allows marketing agencies, content creators and editors to manage everything in one place – including SEO targets such as keywords, article length, reading level, etc… and post it with a click of a button directly onto the assigned web page. Get organized and gain insight with Cabana.

Get Content Insight Through Data-Driven Reporting

Measure creativity. Understand content performance objectively based on results. Find out which content is receiving more engagement and why, and be able to compare target audiance engagement with each individual writers’ output. Cabana helps content creators refine content using data-driven insights to achieve overall marketing goals.

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content creator tool

Help Content Creators Produce Better Content

Content creators can craft content with informed guidance through Cabana’s built-in metrics. This allows writers to ensure they’re producing engaging content that meets the overall campaign requirements. Cabana helps writers and editors check and offers suggestions for grammar & spelling to search engine optimization (SEO) keywords, reading level, word count, and more.

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Manage content creation from start to finish.

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