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ALL-IN-one booking solution for appointments

Frictionless Booking and Scheduling

Let go of the worries that come with scheduling appointments with your clients and relax while the work is done automatically for you. Maximize your schedule and save time for yourself and your clients.

increase efficiency and productivity

Maximize Appointment Booking Success

TikiBar is your all-in-one booking solution – it automates appointment setting and customizes meetings. Don’t let a complicated, clumsy, and poorly planned scheduling system waste valuable time and effort. TikiBar provides frictionless booking and scheduling to keep your team and customers focused on the things that matter. Spend more time finding leads, turning prospects into clients, building a customer base, and growing your business.

Book appointments with ease

minimize time needed for setup and maintenance


customizable parameters

Flexibility within your control

Customizable booking appointments tailored to your specific needs. Change everything from the duration and time between your event bookings, to the length of your cancellation and rescheduling periods.

optimized for teams

Round-robin bookings

Built for medium to large teams, TikiBar uses round-robin bookings to allow for equal distribution of time slots among team members based on their availability.

Round-robin bookings

built for website integration

Embed on any website

No need to interrupt clients to redirect them to the TikiBar platform. Have clients directly book on your website, allowing them to focus on you and your content.

How it works

simplifying the booking process

With TikiBar, you can create any event to suit your needs with a click of a button. You can customize this event to fit the circumstances you command.

Invite collaborators to your team so you don’t have to handle all the logistics and booking requests on your own. You can enable smart round-robin bookings according to your team members’ schedules, so that new bookings will be automatically distributed evenly to your team according to how busy their schedules are.

Let your team and clients know when are you free to handle booking requests. This will allow you to see an overhead view of the time periods you and your team have not covered to help plan for the best optimal experience for your clients.

Let others know of your product and service by marketing and scaling your business through TikiBar. Customize your event link to be shared to your clients and embed the TikiBar application on your website.

Your clients can see the best times to reach you and your team according to their respective time zones and book according while you and your team sit back and watch those bookings roll in.

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Transform the way you book appointments

Let us lighten your scheduling load and do the heavy lifting.